Rootes Group headquarters, Ladbroke

Another prototype of Simca 929 design

A later Chrysler design, with hints of Talbot Tagora

Chrysler-Simca dealer in France

Chrysler180 body at Rootes Factory

Group-B Rally car powered by the Chrysler-Simca designed 4-Cylinder Engine (1983-1985)

What 380hp looks like with the 4-cylinder engine. Citroen developed this for Group B rally, in a 4WD Citroen. 2.2litres, 380hp at 7000RPM

Simca of France, owned by Chrysler Corp. at the time, displayed the  1958Fulgur concept car during the 1961 Chicago show. Atomic power and radar were features proposed on this futuristic vehicle. Fulgur is Latin for “flash,” and Simca stands for “La Societe Industrielle de Mechanique et de Carrosserie Automobile.”

Rootes Group headquarters, Ladbroke from another viewpoint

Prototype of Simca 929 project

One of the prototype front ends for the Chrysler180, the Rootes-Group design which replaced the Simca 929 design

This is one of the prototype Hemi powered cars, sent to England for testing. Currently resides in a motoring museum in London

Chrysler-Simca dealer in Paris

Changing the name from Chrysler-Simca to Talbotin 1979

Nicknamed "The Aircraft Carrier" by the spanish

GT3700 from Spanish Barrieros factory, based on the Dodge Dart with 225ci Slant-6

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